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Micha Kaplan is an Israeli film and theater composer, band leader, bassist and producer based in Berlin. His work spans a scope of diverse musical styles. His career began at the age of 15 when he formed a Punk duo, Skinny Cats, who wrote more than 20 songs in one night. During the 1990s, he founded and took part in two highly acclaimed Israeli alternative rock bands: Sadraney Ha’Deshe and Zikney Zfat.

In 1996, he left the rock scene to study the double bass with Bass player Eli Magen.
After intensive music coursework, he moved to Berlin to study with Professor Rainer Zepperitz, a former Berliner Philharmoniker Bass group principal.

From 2000-2002, Micha was a member of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra under the direction of acclaimed musical director Daniel Barenboim. Following his graduation in 2005 from the UDK in Berlin, he embarked on new composition, performance, and recording projects in rock, pop, and free improv.

Since 2006, Micha regularly composes for theater and film throughout Europe and has been featured in copious recording and live performance settings as a band member, guest artist, and sideman.

Photo by Boaz Arad